White woven

  • Designed for small spaces and hard to reach areas such as corners and closets
  • The small diameter makes paint easy to apply
  • Shed-resistant for a lint free application and minimal splatter
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Item #DescriptionSizeNAPPackUPC
72540Twin Pack4"1/4"12044359725405
74272Ten Pack4"1/4"20044359742723
73840Twin Pack4"3/8"12044359738405
74372Ten Pack4"3/8"20044359743720
75040Twin Pack4"1/2"12044359750407
74572Ten Pack4"1/2"20044359745724
72520Twin Pack6-1/2"1/4"12044359725207
72572Ten Pack6-1/2"1/4"20044359725726
72514Roller & Frame Combo with 14' Frame6-1/2"1/4"12044359725146
72523Roller & Frame Combo with 23" Frame6-1/2"1/4"12044359725238
73820Twin Pack6-1/2"3/8"12044359738207
73872Ten Pack6-1/2"3/8"20044359738726
75020Twin Pack6-1/2"1/2"12044359750209
75072Ten Pack6-1/2"1/2"20044359750728