Paint roller trays

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Item NumberDescriptionPackUPC
9-TStandard Metal Tray with Ladder Legs - 1 Qt24044359002018
10-TStandard Metal Tray with Ladder Legs - 2 Qt12044359000106
DWTMDeep-Well Metal Tray with Ladder Legs - 1 Qt10044359002025
544Jumbo Metal Paint Tray, 1 Gal12044359005444
259" Stadium Plastic Tray36014958000258
PTLSolvent Resistant Paint Tray Liner designed for standard roller trays48044359321812
DPT-PTLPlastic Tray Liner for Deep-Well Plastic Tray - 2 Qt50044359012031
DPTL-1010PK Plastic Tray Liner for Deep-Well Plastic Tray - 2 Qt10044359032039
DWT-PTL9" Plastic Tray Liner for 1 Gal Metal Tray50044359012024
DPT9" Heavy-Duty Deep Well Plastic Tray - 2 Qt12044359002032
GPT9" Green Plastic Tray - 1 Qt24044359002049
7-RT7" Mini Plastic Roller Tray12044359002780
167" Mini Painter Tray12014958000166
MRT6" Heavy-Duty Plastic Tray24044359002087
PTL-1010PK of Liner for 9-T10044359321805
18DPT18" Heavy-Duty, Deep Well Plastic Tray6044359001806
304" Deep Well Plastic Tray24014958000302
BRCBrush and roller trim cup48044359002063
RPT9" Heavy-Duty, Red Deep-Well Plastic Tray With tool Holder - 1 Gal6044359012055