Farm home ranch® professional

  • Blend of tapered nylon and polyester filament
  • Excellent for fine finish trim work and exterior paint jobs
  • For all latex and oil-based coatings
  • Tested for use in Farm and Ranch channel projects
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Item #SizeLengthThicknessStylePACKUPC
FHR001301-1/2"2-1/2"1/2"Flat Varnish6044359001301
FHR001312"2-3/4"9/16"Flat Varnish6044359001318
FHR001322-1/2"3"5/8"Flat Varnish6044359001325
FHR001333"3-1/4"11/16"Flat Varnish6044359001332
FHR001344"3-3/4"7/8"Flat Varnish3044359001349
FHR001352"2-3/4"9/16"Angular Sash6044359001356
FHR001362-1/2"3"5/8"Angular Sash6044359001363
FHR001373"3-3/4"11/16"Angular Sash6044359001370