Mini rollers

  • Designed for small spaces and hard to reach areas such as corners and closets
  • The small diameter makes paint easy to apply
  • Smoothest , lint free finish and maximum coverage with all paints and enamels
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Item #DescriptionSizeNAPPackUPC
44252Twin Pack4"1/4"12044359442524
44382Twin Pack4"3/8"12044359443828
44372Ten Pack with Frame4"3/8"6044359443729
443614PC Tray Set4"3/8"10044359443613
44502Twin Pack4"1/2"12044359445020
44752Twin Pack4"3/4"12044359447529
46252Twin Pack6-1/2"1/4"12044359462522
46382Twin Pack6-1/2"3/8"12044359463826
46502Twin Pack6-1/2"1/2"12044359465028
46752Twin Pack6-1/2"3/4"12044359467527
465614PC Tray Set6-1/2"3/8"10044359465615